Yeah, you get it.  I am a Greenville native.  Funny thing is, I sometimes feel out of place in my own hometown.  Being the #goaldigger that I am (insert chuckle), I am on a brand new mission.  To grow right alongside Greenville…I am choosing to embrace, cause it’s happening friends.  I plan to work my way up the cultural, food, and social scene to become the ultimate Greenvillian.  Oh y’all, that was a reach, quite a reach, especially since I haven’t gotten out much in ten or so years and don’t mind spending most nights at home, on my porch with a good book, and being in bed by 9.  Oh yeah, and raising some wild ones keeps me busy too.

Getting off subject though (already)…I truly love my city and some of the surrounding areas, such as Greer and Travelers Rest.  This place has so very much to offer.  In fact, I have a list of places to see, food to try, and stores to shop that you wouldn’t believe.  It is gonna be an adventure.

Speaking of adventures…100% love the outdoors, and will highlight amazing, beautiful places right here in the upstate (there’s a lot).  And if you know of a good hike or view around these parts, you better share.

Finally – see that pic above?  Yep, that’s the old Greenville News building.  Soon to be a hotel (note my lack of detail…I am learning here people).  We watched for a while today (burning up in the 94 degree heat but who’s complaining) and I thought, you know, wow.  This is not the Greenville I grew up in, that is indeed the truth.

So…here’s to an adventure to be had right here, in my hometown, with all of you.  Let’s do this. #growalongsidegreenville #growingwithgreenville

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