Looking for an adventure?  Have the need to get some fresh air?  I know for me putting down the phone and getting away from it all is absolutely necessary to stay sane (although more times than not it goes down like this in my house:  “yes, child, YES! YOU ARE GOING HIKING AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.” I know, I am cruel.)

So often I get asked about where to hike.  What adventures to take the family on.  I have made lists, recommendations, researched…and decided to start a series featuring different hikes close to Greenville (which for some is 5 minutes away while others don’t mind a longer trip).  “Tuesday Trail Tips” will be featured – you guessed it – every Tuesday.  A different trail, view, or park will be highlighted.

BUT…keep in mind I am not a professional.  I just know what I like and others seem to respond to that.  I only own old Nikes…no professional hiking gear here (one day…yes, one day I will have in my possession every style Kavu backpack and Merrell shoe there is…sigh..)

Until then, here’s my first TUESDAY TRAIL TIP:

Carrick Creek Loop Trail | Table Rock State Park | Pickens County, SC

1.8 miles round trip

Moderately strenuous 

So there’s the facts.  Here’s my take:

  • I don’t necessarily think of this trail as moderately strenuous, although I wouldn’t say it’s easy.  There are stairs and a few harder spots, but a lot of the trail is flat and easy to walk.  ***IF YOU ARE CARRYING A CHILD IT IS HARDER THAN I JUST STATED***  I have experience in this so trust me.
  • There are beautiful waterfalls and the creek runs along a good bit of the trail, making it quite peaceful.
  • Lots of wooden bridges and rocks for crossing over the creek, which make for a fun playground for the kiddos (and adults).  Slippery when wet though!  And there’s a good possibility of a snake sighting or two…just be aware of your surroundings!
  • It doesn’t have the lake or mountain views, but is good for families and those looking for a shorter hike.  We are talking an hour or less.
  • I recommend you hike the trail and then enjoy the lake in the summer – which includes a low dive AND A HIGH DIVE!  Sadly, you cannot do flips off either diving board, but it is still super fun.
  • You can also rent kayaks and paddle boats.  Which is SO WORTH IT PEOPLE.  I will never forget the first time I kayaked out to the middle of the lake, turned around, and saw Table Rock.  Awe-inspiring moment.  You just gotta do it to understand!
  • Crowded on the weekends.  I go on the weekends often, but feel I should warn you.

FullSizeRender (7)

Table Rock State Park definitely makes my top 5 SC State Parks (that’s another topic though – stay tuned!).  It’s just plain gorgeous – it’s my happy place.

Check out all the Table Rock State Park information here:  http://www.southcarolinaparks.com/tablerock/tr-trails.aspx

Until next Tuesday friends, happy trails 😉


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