Wednesday.  Better known as Hump Day, Midweek, or my favorite, Winesday (YAASSS PEOPLE!).

We talk a lot about serving, volunteering, and kindness in our home.  But do we practice what we preach?  Hmmm…good question.  What I want most in life is to raise good people.  And study after study shows we all benefit greatly from volunteering.  We are connected to the community, have healthier lives (both mentally and physically), and are basically filled with joy (just to name a few).  All you have to do is google “Benefits of Volunteering” and you will find countless articles detailing just how rewarding helping others is.

So, because I like a theme for each day of the week (sorry y’all – I just love naming the days of the week…alliteration is fun)…Wednesday is now “WORTHWHILE WEDNESDAYS”.  We will choose one way to volunteer each Wednesday – whether it’s helping a neighbor, random acts of kindness, etc.  It’s my goal to make sure we are practicing what we preach.  My hope is that this will encourage my kids to think about someone besides themselves (or their x-box, American Girl, $90 shoes…you get the idea) and grow to be kind, thoughtful, productive people.

I believe this will only help in our mission to grow alongside Greenville.  To get to know our neighbors.  Be active in the community.

Up first:  The Greenville Humane Society.  Oh how I LOVE this place.  I spent HOURS here picking out my perfect pup and could spend HOURS more holding those sweet kitties and puppies.  And it just so happened they were in need:

So…we ran to the store, grabbed some food, and hauled it over to the Humane Society.  Because I can’t think of anything better than kittens and puppies, cats and dogs.  I will hold them, love them, walk them, talk baby talk alllll day long.  I’m just not allowed to bring anymore pets home.  And that’s ok…for now anyway 😉

And now let me bring you some of that happiness.  You are SO welcome.


Let me know your favorite ways / places to volunteer – I would love to hear your feedback!


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