I sure hope you all are having a great week.  It’s been busy around here – we have been shopping, reading, and exploring Greenville – would love for you to check out my Instagram feed to see all we’ve been up to (to the right – it’s so easy y’all!)!

For this week’s Trail Tips, I decided to pick a few of my favorite hikes.  That’s tough people, because we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, parks, and lakes.  As a kid I did not appreciate or understand just how lucky we are to live in Greenville, SC.   I couldn’t wait to get outta town.   But once I had kids of my own, it clicked – maybe it was seeing it all again through their eyes.  It just doesn’t get better than this friends.

Moving on to my top 5.  Again, this is tough, and later I may have to create lists based on difficulty, best views, kid-friendly, etc.  But for now, here goes (and please. please keep in mind I used my very own special photos instead of plugging in beautiful pics that belong to others, because I like that they are mine. I know your mom taught you not to judge a book by it’s cover!  Be sure to visit the linked websites for more pics 🙂 )

#5:  Devils Fork State Park

There are two trails here but really I just love that you can rent a kayak, SUP, or pontoon from Eclectic Sun and go out and explore my favorite lake, Lake Jocassee.  The water, oh the water – so blue and clear (in fact scuba diving is popular here!).


  • Bear Cove Trail:  2.5 mile loop
  • Oconee Bells Nature Trail:  1.5 mile loop

download (9).png

#4: Caesars Head State Park

First of all, stop at Bald Rock on your way up the mountain because you just must.

download (2).png

Then head on over to Caesars Head State Park for breathtaking views.  In fact, you can see my #1 from here.

download (3).png

Hike Raven Cliff Falls (a short drive from the top) to see South Carolina’s tallest waterfall – but hike the whole darn thing, which is 7.7 mile loop.  If you go to the lookout from the shorter 3.7 mile hike you might be disappointed like we were.  It’s a loooooong way from the falls – you can really barely see it.

#3:  Keowee Toxaway State Park:  

The views at the top left me speechless the first time I went.  And I just keep going back for more.  It is stunning.  One of my favorite places ever.

  • Take the Raven Rock Trail, a 4.4 mile loop, to be sure you get the view.  It’s moderately strenuous.  We’ve done it with kiddos every time and they are only whiny at the very end…ha.
  • I think I heard a bear here one time.  Just sayin.  It coulda been a child whining, but then again, ya never know.  Be on the lookout.
  • There are super fun little coves / beaches along the trail.  The water is beautiful.  Pack a picnic and enjoy!

download (11).png

#2: Dupont National Forest:

I suggest you take the popular 3 mile hike featuring 3 gorgeous waterfalls.  This is the kinda place they film movies (yes, like Last of the Mohicans) because it is that visually stunning.

  • Hooker Falls:  12′ waterfall into Cascade Lake, where you might just wanna jump on in and play.  BUT KEEP GOING.  This is nice and all, but the real treat is ahead.
  • Triple Falls:  A total drop of 120′ this cascading waterfall is beautiful.  Enjoy, then move on to my favorite!
  • High Falls:  This is an impressive 120 ft waterfall (pictured below).  We spent hours just hanging out and watching this waterfall in all its glory. There is also a neat overlook – don’t forget to check that out.


download (1)

My next Dupont State Adventure is going to be RomanticAsheville.com’s DuPont State Forest 7-Mile Waterfall Hike.  https://www.romanticasheville.com/dupont_waterfall_hike.htm Anyone in??


#1: Table Rock State Park:

I come from a long line of mountain people.  From right around here.  I LOVE Table Rock.  This hike is not for the faint of heart, or those who do not like one million steps.  But that view though.  WORTH EVERY ACHE AND PAIN AND TEARS AND SWEAT SHED.  My advice for the best time ever:

  • Know that it’s a 7.2 mile hike (round trip).  And it’s not easy.
  • Pick a non-cloudy day.  As you can see, I did not do that for my last trip.  It’s still gorgeous and well worth it, but on a clear sunny day your view will be even more spectacular.
  • Take lots of water and wear good shoes.
  • Don’t go near the edge because I will have to come over and be your mom and scold you.
  • If you have a child with you that completes the hike be sure to stop by the ranger’s station to get a certificate when you are done. It’s pretty cool (I think adults should get one too!!!)
  • Take advantage of the all the park has to offer while you are there – the lake, playgrounds, picnicking.  Although…nevermind.  You will be too tired.

download (10).png

Until next Tuesday, happy trails!

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