My dad loves to tell me I am always a day late and dollar short.  Seeing that it is Thursday and NOT Wednesday, my apologies.  I seem to have proven my dad right again.  He would be so proud 😉  We did indeed look into what we wanted to focus on this week, so here goes!


(Pic courtesy of GHS Giving:  GHS Virtual Toy Drive –

Soul soothing.  That is what helping others really is.  It can be the simplest act of paying for the person behind you in line at lunch to donating a large amount to a charity you are passionate about – either way, kindness matters.  And the more we spend our time volunteering and helping others, the more we grow as human beings.

As I have said before, I want nothing more than my kids to be kind, productive people who make a difference.  Even if it’s a tiny difference.  I also have to admit that this is just as much for me as it is the kids.  Life is busy, let’s face it – and I feel like we are so very busy that we become very self involved, even if it’s not intentional.

So, what did we do this oh so busy Wednesday?  Well, there is this amazing way to give to the Greenville Children’s Hospital – it’s called The Virtual Toy Drive.  It’s so easy to help these precious kiddos going through so much and only takes a moment out of our busy schedule.  In fact, GHS has a list of the Most Needed Items, which is great because then you know what they really need and you can feel good about your donation.

I let each of my kids review the items needed and choose what they would like to donate.  To my surprise, they had a ton of questions.  What is a tongue press?  How do comfort items work?  What is therapy?  We talked, prayed, and made our decision.  Of course, the Facility Dog Program got their attention and won out.  What an amazing, wonderful service these dogs provide the children of GHS.  And hopefully our small contribution will help just a little bit.


(Pic courtesy of GHS Giving:  GHS Virtual Toy Drive –

You can also create a Toy Drive Team, which is pretty neat.  All of this is just a click away – so easy even on the busiest of days!  Which is every day around here!  So goooo for it!

*** I gotta say, we all take our health for granted.  Which is really everything – “Health is Wealth” right??  Praying for these sweet children and their families.  Praying we appreciate each and every day as we just never know ***

Where are your favorite places to volunteer?  How do you get involved in our community?  I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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