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Six miles south of Greenville lies the Lake Conestee Nature Park.  If you haven’t been and are wondering if you should check it out, YES.  Yes you should! There are parts of this beautifully done park that make you feel as though you are far, far away from the upstate.  It’s a great adventure full of wildlife, education, and views.  You can hike to your heart’s content, bird watch, explore the bog-walks, or just play on the playground and have a picnic.

One of our favorite things to do is look for wildlife – and indeed there is a lot to see here.  Turtles, snakes, birds, dragonflies, bees…you get the picture.  It ALWAYS makes for an exciting adventure.  Or you can follow their Learning Loops, which seems awesome but I am more of a “explore as you go” type person…either way I don’t think you can go wrong.


While some of the trails are paved, we don’t mind, you are still surrounded by beauty.  And anyway, there are SIX MILES of natural trails so you don’t even have to step foot on much of any asphalt if you really don’t want to.  Note – they are mostly flat so it’s not so much of a “hike” as it is a “walk”.  Some of y’all might love this, others not so much.

One perk – a lot of the trails  (paved or not) are nice and shaded, which you will be grateful for on a hot summer day (tip: go EARLY in the summer months because your children will be crying and whining and sweating and dying in the heat – along with YOU, your dog, your partner…. just trust me.  I know this from experience)

There are also benches and overlooks throughout the park that are great for taking it all in, or resting because it’s soooo hot (not referring to my own family here).


Trail info:


Hike or no hike, you can still hang out at Lake Conestee Nature Park for the solar eclipse on August 21st (assuming you didn’t make plans 8 months ago…I think we are in the minority over here with no plan!).  Just click on the pic below for more details.


***There are multiple entrances to the park, but I suggest going straight the main entrance at the former Municipal Stadium.  We did indeed get very lost the first time we went!  Check it out here:

Until next Tuesday, happy trails 😉


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