Greer Community Ministries‘ philosophy is ” “no elderly, home bound or disadvantaged person in the Greater Greer area will go hungry.”  Most of us have no idea what it’s like to actually be hungry (including yours truly).  To wonder where your next meal will come from.  How you will feed your family.  It’s hard to imagine, right?  With organizations like Greer Community Ministries, there’s hope.  And FOOD!  But they need help.

And that’s what our Worthwhile Wednesday was all about.  What can we do to help?  I mean my goodness don’t we all stock extra boxes of pasta and canned goods and cereal?!  Or have the ability to hop over to Bi-Lo or Publix and hit up their BOGO sale?  Yep, I know we do.  If I have time to blog about what book I am reading and what adventure I went on last weekend SURELY I have time to help others, right?  (REMINDER FOR MYSELF!)  And we all know how busy life gets, but these kids of mine need to learn compassion, empathy, and how to be good neighbors.  And really they are CONSTANTLY IN MY PANTRY anyway, so they might as well be in charge of our donation items.

You can check out their current needs below:

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Greer Community Ministries is located at 738 S. Line St. Ext. Greer, SC 29651.  They take donations for their food pantry from 9:00am – 4:00pm Mondays – Fridays.  There are many other ways to make a donation as well – check it out!

It definitely #takesavillage.  Our donation will certainly not end hunger, but as a community we can do so much.  If you have ideas, comments, or suggestions, send over an email:

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