I have spent hours picking out the perfect new journal, clean and ready to be filled.  Designer planners?  I want ’em all.  I LOVE sharp, never before used crayons.  Pens, paper, staplers, notebooks…all make me so happy and feel so organized.  The beginning of a new school year is like a new start for the kids AND me.  Where anything is possible (especially in a new outfit complete with a pair of fresh white sneakers).  The world is ours.

For about a week, maybe two.  Then it all crumbles.  The good news?  We are still in that first week y’all.  And I am feeling motivated and ready to achieve my goals.  Well, at least make a list and pretend like that might happen.  And it just might because this is an exciting list – we’re talking hikes to take by the end of 2017.  Which just happens to include FALL, a spectacular time to hit the road and explore all of what our beautiful location has to offer.

Some of these are repeats – but most I have never done before.


  • Sassafras Mountain:  Highest Point in South Carolina.  You can technically skip the hike and drive straight to the summit, but what fun is that if you are able to hike?  I plan on taking the 4.7 mile trail from Chimneytop Gap (Foothills Trail).
  • Table Rock:  Been there, done that, ready to climb it again.  SO many steps…SO worth the view. 7.2 miles in and out.
  • Whiteside Mountain:  Those views though – I cannot wait.  2-ish mile loop near Highlands, NC.
  • Pilot Mountain State Park:  I plan to take the Grindstone & Ledgespring Loop which is right around 6 miles.  I just like the way this mountain looks.
  • Jumping Off Rock:  I have tried to get here and FAILED.  I plan to try, try, try again because I keep dreaming of what that view must look like.  I hear you need a 4×4 for the 9 mile drive up Horsepasture Road.  Whatever it takes.
  • Raven Cliff Falls:  a 7.5 mile loop in Caesar’s Head State Park.  I am only doing it because we took the Dismal Trail last year to see SC’s tallest waterfall and let me just say that the name speaks for itself.  DISMAL indeed.  Unless you have supervision and can see for miles, I would skip this hike.

So that’s it.  Not a long list huh?  Well, I run a crazy household full of demanding people and can’t escape every weekend, although wouldn’t that be just wonderful.  Better to be practical and possibly meet my goal of tackling all these incredible places.  First up?  Who knows…but it’s gonna happen tomorrow!  Stay tuned, and let me know your favorite places to hike!download (2)

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