Ok, so I didn’t actually hike a trail… no one was really feeling it, but it was a gorgeous day for a drive and I was curious to see if the leaves were starting to change (this was Saturday 10/14)  And guess what…you can drive right up to the top of Sassafras Mountain – the highest point in South Carolina at 3,553 feet.  You can see four states from here – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee!  The leaves were just started to change, so not much color yet, but it’s coming!!


There is a lookout right next to the parking lot once you get to the top.  THIS IS NOT THE VIEW PEOPLE.  Well, not the main view.  I will not name names, but someone very close to me told me Sassafras Mountain may not be worth the trip – the view isn’t that great.  I couldn’t believe that, so of course I had to go for myself.  And guess what nameless person did?  Only went to the lookout next to the parking lot.  I am dying right now as I type this.  It cracks me up.  Because there are 360 degree views just right up the path (insert insane, loud laughter).  Ok, so it’s not like it’s clearly marked – Come up this way!.  It’s fun to give nameless person a hard time, but I get it.  And they think it’s funny too (although maybe not as much as I do).


So my one and only tip is to let you know that you must follow either the trail next to the lookout or the paved path (it’s gated), which you will see as you enter the parking lot.

And then you will find this (pictures don’t do it justice of course!):


DSC_0580 (2)DSC_0561 (2)

If you want to hike, there are definitely options.  You can park / start at Chimneytop Gap, which I passed as I drove to the peak (gasp), and hike the 2.7 miles to the top of Sassafras.  Also this of course is part of the Foothills Trail, which spans over 76 miles through South Carolina and North Carolina.  So if you are daring you could do it all 😉  I have researched quite a few sites and Wikipedia actually lays out the different sections of the Foothills Trail pretty well, check it out here.

Whether you drive or hike to the top of Sassafras Mountain, you are in for a treat.

Until next Tuesday, Wednesday, or whenever, happy trails!

2 Comments on “Tuesday Trail Tips: Sassafras Mountain

  1. I can’t make up my mind whether I want them to finish the plans for the lookout tower, or just to leave as is… I love it up there, especially this time of year!

    PS In defense of ‘nameless person,’ the view from the overlook *was* the only view up until a few years ago when they clearcut the top of Sassafras in preparation for the lookout tower and all the other stuff going in up there. Maybe they hadn’t been up there in a while?


    • I have seen several plans for lookout towers and think it would be really neat!

      Nameless person went this summer, but I let them know people are looking out for them! And they certainly appreciated that 😉 Seriously, I didn’t think of that, so thank you for mentioning it.


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