This is one of those places you have probably passed by 100 times and never thought anything of it.  I have seen it all my life on the way to Caesar’s Head or Table Rock, but never took the time to stop.  This weekend we had things to do, but it was too gorgeous of a day not to get out and explore.  The trail I planned on hiking was actually Moonshine Falls, which apparently you have to call ahead and get a gate code in order to access the trailhead.  Did I call ahead??  No, silly, why would I do such a thing?  I like learning the hard way.

SO…really that’s how we ended up here.  Plans often change…due to my inability to research.  But in the end, I was glad.  This was a great place to have a picnic and hike a peaceful, easy looping trail. And with 4(ish) waterfalls, it’ was a great place to explore that my kids thoroughly enjoyed.

DSC_0845 (2)

Tuesday Trail Tips:  Wildcat Wayside Nature Trail

1 mile loop – Easy

Waterfalls galore – and right off Hwy 11 (Geer Hwy)!

I suggest stopping here next time you are on your way to the “big stuff”.  It’s worth it – even if you just take in the first two waterfalls – which are steps away from the parking area.  If you do the loop, you will find the 100′ upper falls, but really the first two are the prettiest.  The loop is just a nice walk through the woods.

Of course, don’t climb the upper falls – it’s dangerous.  People have died here – in fact, I remember hearing about it as a kid.  EVERY time we passed by.  So we did NOT do any climbing!

There are no picnic tables so we just found a nice spot by the creek and ate our lunch.  Make sure to leave no trace!  It may be because of the location, but the trail had more litter than most, unfortunately.

I imagine the lower falls make for a great swimming hole in the summer.  Dogs are welcome, as long as they are on a leash.  And as long as they are cleaned up after (really though, have you ever been hiking and stepped in dog doo?  It kinda ruins the mood ya know?!)

SO…what’s next on my list? Well, Moonshine Falls of course 🙂

Until next Tuesday, Happy Trails!

DSC_0887 (2)

DSC_0890 (2)

Upper Falls

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