2018 Resolutions / Goals:  Exercise more.  Eat healthier.  Drink less wine.

Y’all – I’m totally kidding so don’t stop reading (aren’t we all tired of that?!)!  In all honesty, I haven’t even thought much about a resolution for this New Year, but I do have some goals I want to reach in 2018.  Speaking of goals, I recently attended an event where an incredible speaker told us that in order to accomplish any goal, you must be emotional driven, like tears running down your cheeks, goosebumps everywhere, and just completely passionate about it.  Or you will never reach that goal.  It was powerful.  Truly changed the way I think about goal setting.  Because honestly, we all like to set goals, but how many of us truly meet those goals?!  It’s fun to think about, but actually follow through with?  Hmmm…not so fun.

So what are my goals?  What am I passionate about?  I want to hike more.  Read more.  Give more.  And connect more.  The specifics are important, so for this post I am going to focus in on the goal of hiking more.  Stay tuned for the others.


In 2017 I hiked quite a bit, and loved every minute of it.  You can find a lot of the hikes we took here.  And what did I learn?

  • Preparation is key.  I never do this but it’s a good idea y’all.  It will prevent you from the following:
    • Getting lost (on the way there, on the trail, on the way home…)
    • Arriving only to find out the park is closed or you need a pass or code.
    • Hiking a trail you thought was “easy” but turns out to be “EXTREMELY STRENUOUS – like you may not get out alive”
    • Hiking a trail you thought was short but turns out to take 4 long hours (with children)
    • Not having water for when you are experiencing the above hardships.
    • Wearing your cute new Target workout gear but freeze because oops it’s cold in the mountains sometimes.
  • Hiking is the best family time hands down.
    • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Hiking is the perfect escape.  Homework, schedules, work, laundry, sports…everyday life is hectic, sometimes overwhelming.  We have to cut off our phones, turn off the TV, put the iPad up, leave the X-Box behind. Because then my kids are forced to talk to me and you know what?  We have some pretty awesome conversations.  We laugh together.  Talk about life.  Really connect.
  • Hiking is empowering.
    • How you ask?  Try hiking straight up almost 4 miles (and almost keeling over), then seeing the view from the top of that mountain.  It’s incredible.  My 8 year old hiked Table Rock this year and she still talks about it as one of her proudest moments.  It’s empowering.  Great exercise yes, but really just good for the soul.

So, you ask, what are my exact hiking goals for 2018?  What trails would I like to make sure I hike?  Here you go!

I plan on many more, but y’all know they will just be whatever I decide on that particular day.  Don’t forget – you can go back to the same place more than once.  We LOVE Paris Mountain and Table Rock, among others, and each time offers a different experience. A different view.  And a great time outside.

I would love to hear your favorite hikes in South Carolina and Western North Carolina.  Lemme know.

Cheers to 2018 and all that it may bring!

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