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A love of hiking, reading, photography, and sipping coffee led to Native Greenville Girl. With friends and family asking where to hike, what to read, and “could you take a few pics?” ended up becoming so much more. Always inspired by others, I felt maybe I had something to offer as well. And the connections, personal growth, and opportunities that have come from stepping outside of my comfort zone have been incredible.

Native Greenville Girl has ultimately become a mission of sharing and inspiring others to explore, get outside, and see all the beauty that is Greenville, SC. From our quaint, charming downtown to the beautiful mountains surrounding us, there are countless hikes, local shops, restaurants, and parks to explore. Beyond that, NGG is about connecting, supporting, and collaborating with others in the community. We are surrounded by beautiful places and beautiful people. I am grateful, inspired, and hope to be a positive, encouraging Greenvillian.