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2018: A Series of Goals

2018 Resolutions / Goals:  Exercise more.  Eat healthier.  Drink less wine. Y’all – I’m totally kidding so don’t stop reading (aren’t we all tired of that?!)!  In all honesty, I haven’t even thought much about a resolution for this New Year, but I do have some goals I want to reach in 2018.  Speaking of goals, I recently attended an event where an incredible … Read More 2018: A Series of Goals

Trail Tip Tuesdays: Lake Conestee Nature Park

Six miles south of Greenville lies the Lake Conestee Nature Park.  If you haven’t been and are wondering if you should check it out, YES.  Yes you should! There are parts of this beautifully done park that make you feel as though you are far, far away from the upstate.  It’s a great adventure full of wildlife, education, and views.  You can hike to … Read More Trail Tip Tuesdays: Lake Conestee Nature Park


growing alongside greenville

Yeah, you get it.  I am a Greenville native.  Funny thing is, I sometimes feel out of place in my own hometown.  Being the #goaldigger that I am (insert chuckle), I am on a brand new mission.  To grow right alongside Greenville…I am choosing to embrace, cause it’s happening friends.  I plan to work my way up the cultural, food, and social scene to … Read More growing alongside greenville