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Creative Outlet 102

What a journey we’re on y’all. I wanted to take a moment to revisit my original creative outlet post, which outlined my goals and plans for this blog (life) of mine.  It’s been a little over two months since I jumped in headfirst to a world of creativity, inspiration, motivation, and connection.  It’s such a fantastic, positive outlet for me. I want to live … Read More Creative Outlet 102


Give. Give. GIVE. Give? Worthwhile Wednesdays.

I am a selfish person.  I never liked to share my crayons.   I always wanted to be the line leader.  I question everyone.  I never liked authority.  I am terrified of everything. Cancer.   Abuse.   Hunger.   Flooding.   Poverty.   …   Donate. Give? Tithe. Pledge? Contribute. Help… how? why? when? where? what’s in it for me… too busy… no time, … Read More Give. Give. GIVE. Give? Worthwhile Wednesdays.


Worthwhile Wednesdays: Greer Community Ministries

Greer Community Ministries‘ philosophy is ” “no elderly, home bound or disadvantaged person in the Greater Greer area will go hungry.”  Most of us have no idea what it’s like to actually be hungry (including yours truly).  To wonder where your next meal will come from.  How you will feed your family.  It’s hard to imagine, right?  With organizations like Greer Community Ministries, there’s hope.  And … Read More Worthwhile Wednesdays: Greer Community Ministries

Worthwhile Wednesdays

My dad loves to tell me I am always a day late and dollar short.  Seeing that it is Thursday and NOT Wednesday, my apologies.  I seem to have proven my dad right again.  He would be so proud 😉  We did indeed look into what we wanted to focus on this week, so here goes! (Pic courtesy of GHS Giving:  GHS Virtual Toy … Read More Worthwhile Wednesdays

Worthwhile Wednesdays…and Kittens!

Wednesday.  Better known as Hump Day, Midweek, or my favorite, Winesday (YAASSS PEOPLE!). We talk a lot about serving, volunteering, and kindness in our home.  But do we practice what we preach?  Hmmm…good question.  What I want most in life is to raise good people.  And study after study shows we all benefit greatly from volunteering.  We are connected to the community, have healthier … Read More Worthwhile Wednesdays…and Kittens!