Kings Mountain Battlefield Trail


Seems fitting to feature a historic site at the start of a new school year.  Although if I'm being perfectly honest, I didn't love the 1.5 mile paved Battlefield Trail - the best part of the park was giggling at the crazy loud donkey at the farm.  And when I say loud, I mean LOUD.  Like make you jump, scare the crap out of you loud.  Our friend here is pretty darn cute though, huh?


1.5 mile paved walking loop

Highlights:  The Centennial and U.S. Monuments and the free cell phone tour (get ready to learn! Call into the provided number at certain stops and you can listen to prerecorded information about the battle.  Make sure you bring your charged cell to really make the most of the trail)


From Greenville it's approximately an hour drive.  I suggest combining this park with another if you are only going to check out the Battlefield Trail, such as Crowders Mountain State Park, if you have the time. Which I thought of after the fact but you are probably super smart and a great planner and on top of things...all qualities I seem to always fall slightly short of.

There are however other fun things to do at Kings Mountain in addition to the Battlefield Trail:

  • 19th Century Living History Farm (we took a picnic obviously)

  • 16 mile Park Loop Trail

  • 5 mile Browns Mountain Trail

  • 6 mile Clarks Creek Trail

  • Camping

  • Horseback Riding (BYOH - bring ya own horse)

  • buying things at the Bookstore obviously


Anyway, as you may have gathered, this wasn't my favorite, but it was interesting to learn about the game changing battle fought here in 1780 during the Revolutionary War. The park also has some really great events, especially if you are into demonstrations / re-enactments:

In summary, I did enjoy the 19th century living history farm for sure. Loud donkeys and loud roosters made up for the boredom of the trail. I'm just kiddin though y' is of course not boring I know, because it is our history.

That's all until next time...happy trails!