Pearson's Falls

We like to take the scenic route.  Everywhere we go.  We love to get lost and take the long way.  I'm kidding. Siri is just downright mean.  She likes to scare me every now and then by taking me on some back road to nowhere. Once again, I thought Siri was leading us off track.  She took us down dirt road.  Along a river.  Through a one way tunnel.  In the still snow covered mountains.  While beautiful, I was getting a little worried, but we finally made it to our destination - Pearson's Falls.  Where the kind attendant laughed when I told him I went through a tunnel.  "You definitely went the scenic route," he said.  "You can go another way to get back, it's much quicker."  Guess what, we didn't.  We took the long way.  And Siri was happy.



Tuesday Trail Tips:  Pearson's Falls and Glen

1/4 mile trail to the falls

$5 / adult, $1 / kids 6-12, Under 6 you're free!  Find more info about fees and hours here.

Glen:  A narrow valley (don't act like you knew that...I can't be the only one who had to look it up)

The hike is short and the falls are gorgeous.  So those of you with little ones, this is a must!  I have never seen so many benches and picnic tables.  Really y'all, it's a beautiful spot - perfect for families.  Take some time to read about the history here.   It's a "botanical wonderland" indeed.

Want a little more?!?  Visit Saluda's charming main street.  It's a short drive from Pearson's Falls and most definitely worth the trip.

Start with ice cream (even if there's snow on the ground!) and shop a little at Duck Alley. Then head to the Saluda Historic Depot, a fascinating museum dedicated to the preserving the history of the Saluda Grade.  I've heard there are some good restaurants too - we plan to check them out next time.

Until next time, happy trails...