Falls Creek Waterfall Trail

Tucked away in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area lies a stunning 125’ waterfall, sure to take your breath away. Welcome to Falls Creek Waterfall, part of Jones Gap’s extensive trail system. If you’ve been here you just know, and if you haven’t you’re in for a treat. There is nothing quite like this magical, lush area of South Carolina.

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Tough but short sums up the 1.2 mile (one way) hike to the falls. Lace up those hiking shoes and get ready for incredible views, a couple tricky spots, and one rewarding ending.

Falls Creek Trail Map
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Falls Creek Trailhead: 35.1326, -82.53239

The trailhead is located off of Fall Creek Road in Marietta, SC, adjacent to Palmetto Bible Camp. Parking is extremely limited with only a few spots available, so arrive early or be ready to get creative with your parking. Check in using the registration forms provided at the kiosk, and take a moment to review Leave No Trace practices. These guidelines are absolutely critical for keeping our parks in excellent condition so that they are enjoyable now and for many generations to come.

Considered strenuous, Falls Creek Waterfall Trail doesn’t mess around. In fact, the moment you step on the trail you are beginning your ascent. Follow the purple blaze higher and deeper into the forest, where soon you’re greeted with massive boulders and the distant sound of water rushing by. With only a few level(ish) areas on the trail, you’ll want to take a few deep breaths and enjoy the scenery, which will help before continuing the climb up approximately 600’ feet.

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After steady rainfall, Little Falls Creek is not so little, so this part of the trail requires a bit of bravery and good old fashioned bare feet. Sure the water might feel great in the summer, but in the winter we are talking frigid temps, and there’s no rushing if you want to avoid slipping and falling into aforementioned frigid water. Take it nice and slow, and give yourself a pat on the back when you make it across this obstacle.

As you continue on your way up, don’t forget to look around - spectacular views surround you as get closer and closer to the falls.

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Falls Creek_Waterfall.JPG

The moment the falls come into view is absolutely splendid. The sheer size and force is breathtaking, especially after steady rainfall. Close your eyes and feel the mist on your face as you listen to the loud roar of the water crashing down the side of the mountain. It’s wild and pure, and worth every step it took to make it here.

After you have had your fill, back down the mountain you go, with memories to last a lifetime.

Happy Trails!

*Please always practice safe waterfalling*