Give a little, get a little.  Give a little time or money, and get a little (or a lot of) joy and hope.  Simple right?

Well, that’s my goal y’all.  Provide an easy, simple way to see all of the opportunities to give back to our amazing, vibrant community.  Really I am doing this for myself, but hopefully it will inspire and motivate others.  I know while working on our Worthwhile Wednesdays, I keep thinking how great it would be to have one place to go to see all of the opportunities available.  Maybe it’s running a race, or working at the local soup kitchen.  Maybe it’s mentoring at-risk kids, or maybe it’s providing cat litter to the humane society.  While this will surely not be all-encompassing (I wish), it is a start.  A start to getting involved.  And the benefits – oh the benefits of volunteering – it’s absolutely worth it.  Overwhelmingly a positive, wonderful thing to do for those around you AND yourself.

Would LOVE to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions, updates…send ’em over:

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